ZMail Terms of Service

ZilLink and its creator provide email accounts through the ZMail service. Use of this service assumes that said usage indicates an agreement to abide by the following terms and conditions. Any questions or requests relating to these terms and conditions should be forwarded to [email protected]
Ownership of Data
Email accounts provided by Zil.Link and its creator through the ZMail service, as well as access to the informational systems that they provide, are the property of Zil.Link and its creator, not the individual user.
For purposes of these terms and conditions, “email” is defined as all services encompassing email, calendaring, contacts and contact management, and mailing lists and list management. All information published on these systems is the property of Zil.Link and its creator and not to be used or redistributed for malicious purposes.
Proper Usage
Email is provided as a resource to assist the owners of .zil blockchain domains. This use is permitted as long as it does not have negative effects on any other email account, jeopardize the email system, violate the law or contravene other provisions laid out in the terms and conditions. Each user is responsible for using the email system in an ethical and lawful manner.
Material that is fraudulent, harassing, profane, obscene, intimidating, defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or inappropriate may not be sent by email or other forms of electronic communication. The right to revoke email and related privileges from any individual violating for these terms and conditions is reserved by Zil.Link and its creator.
Disguising and or Impersonating Email Identities; “Spoofing”
Users should not disguise their identity or username while using the email system or alter the From line or any other indications of origin on emails or postings. Behavior of this type violates good conduct and is equivalent to fabricating identities on any other written document.
Chain Email
Users should not initiate or forward chain email. Chain email is a message sent to a number of people asking each recipient to send copies with the same request to a specific number of others.
Sending Unsolicited Email
Users should not send unsolicited email to persons with whom they do not have a prior relationship.
Computer Resources
Users should not deliberately perform acts that waste or monopolize computer resources. These acts include but are not limited to mass mailings, spamming, bulk emails, chain letters, subscribing to excessive listservers and mailing lists, or creating excessive and unnecessary traffic on servers.
Each user is responsible for using the email system in an ethical and lawful manner.
Use is permitted as long as it does not have any negative effects on any other email account, jeopardize the email system, or violate the law or any of these terms and conditions.
Those found to be abusing their email account are subject to sanction and the revocation of account privileges.
In the event that you wish to report abuse of the email service, please forward it to [email protected].
User Names and Passwords
Users are responsible for safeguarding their passwords. Passwords should be obscure and meet the following criteria:
The Password must be 8 characters or longer in length.
The Password must contain at least one number.
The Password must contain at least one uppercase letter.
The Password must contain at least one lower case letter.
The Password cannot contain your first, middle or last name.
The Password cannot contain your username.
Passwords should not be printed, stored online or given to others. Email and related Electronic Communications accounts and passwords obtained through the Zil.Link ZMail service are solely intended for your individual use and should not be shared. If a user must temporarily share their password with the Postmaster ([email protected]) then the user should change the password as soon as possible.
Note that passwords should never be shared with anyone claiming to be the Postmaster without positive identification. Electronic Mail users must comply with the Postmaster’s request to change their passwords. Whenever possible users should choose their own passwords. We require that users change their email passwords once per year to maximize the protection to their accounts.
Privacy and Monitoring
Users of the Zil.Link ZMail service have a reasonable expectation of privacy. The expectation of privacy is not absolute. There may be situations in which administrators need to gain access to email in a user’s account, such as when emails are subpoenaed in litigation. Any requests to gain access to email information should be directed to the creator of the Zil.Link ZMail service at [email protected].
Zil.Link and its creator are committed to maintaining the privacy of email and will make no attempt to monitor the content of emails, seeking to protect the confidentiality of users in all matters. Emails forwarded to administrators of the Zil.Link ZMail service from other email users that are fraudulent, harassing, profane, obscene, intimidating, defamatory or otherwise possibly unlawful or inappropriate, however, will be reviewed to determine the appropriate response.
While public email standards continue to evolve and improve, users should not expect privacy with regards to their Internet emails. Users should be aware that emails are transmitted as clear text through the Internet and can be intercepted at any time by any server through which they are relayed. Emails are frequently incorrectly addressed and when sent correctly can be forwarded to any number of recipients unknown to the originator.
Never send confidential, proprietary or trade secret information via emails without first obtaining authorization. This type of information is a valuable asset to and should be protected from unauthorized disclosure.
Sensitive information such as account credentials, passwords, passphrases and private keys should not be exchanged through email since the security of the information cannot be guaranteed.
Forwarding email is not recommended, but not prohibited.
Software and Mailing List Distribution Policy
Any software or documentation distributed by, or downloaded from Zil.Link is subject to copyright laws and may not be distributed. This includes but is not limited to all email directories, email mailing lists, bulletin boards, and software applications that are obtained from Zil.Link or its computer servers via the web, email or in disk format. Users willfully violating this policy will be reported to the proper organizations so that appropriate action may be taken.
Users should not open attachments in email from unknown senders. Attachments can contain dangerous computer viruses, which are frequently spread via email.
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