IPFS – DNS Bridging

  • What is IPFS – DNS bridging?
IPFS bridging assigns .crypto.hosting and .zil.hosting domain names to IPFS hashes stored on the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains and linked to a .crypto and .zil domains.
  • Why should I use a Dot Hosting bridge?
Dot Hosting bridges are useful if you wish to share your IPFS pages with people simply and easily. The addition of .hosting to your pre-existing .crypto or .zil domain is all it takes to navigate to your website. All without the need for a specialized browser or plugins.
  • What’s the catch?
Dot Hosting bridges IPFS and the domain name system. As such, it is a point of centralization. It does, however, provide a useful means of introducing the uninitiated to content on the decentralized web and helps bring about growth in IPFS sites by simplifying access to them.
  • Does a Dot Hosting bridge cost anything?
As the promotion of IPFS technology is the goal, the hope is to maintain it as a free service. That said, donations to help cover DNS registration, server costs and the time and effort necessary to keep it running are welcome.
  • How long does it take to propagate an IPFS hash?
Propagation of DNS records for domain holders can take anything up to 24 hours. This time may be reduced in future following further service optimization.
  • What if somebody claims the .hosting to my .crypto or .zil domain?
When your IPFS hash is updated at Dot Hosting it will be checked against that stored on chain. As such, while multiple parties could claim a Dot Hosting domain, only the user able to first write their IPFS hash to the blockchain will be successful in tying that website to the .hosting URL.
  • Where can I see the IPFS hash stored on chain?
The IPFS hash tied to your .zil domain can be found by clicking the compass icon at: viewblock.io/unstoppable/domain.crypto/domain.zil
  • Where can I get a domain to link with Dot Hosting?
You can purchase .crypto and .zil domains through UnstoppableDomains.com. There is also an active resale market at OpenSea.io.
  • You haven’t answered my question. What now?
You can contact support at [email protected] for any questions not covered here.
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